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Sunset over the Mar Menor

There are moments when something happens which are both memorable and bewildering!

On the last day before Jo left to return to Leeds, there was the most magnificent sunset. Liz grabbed my camera and shot some 115 photos in the space of about half an hour. It was surely a sight to remember.

I took the photos and tried to do a number of things with them.

The first was to make a conglomerate from four photos by stitching them together. Here is the result (I haven’t messed with the colours at all!):Panorama of the sunset towards the end.

That done, I wanted to show something of the way in which the sunset had developed. I took one photo from the beginning and another at the end and morphed the first into the second:A morphed GIF of a sunset over the Mar MenorNow here is the puzzle. If you watch, you will see that the larger of the two boats travels back towards the smaller as the sky gets darker and redder. Yet both were anchored and Liz didn’t move from a fairly small balcony on the seventh floor of the building. How could this happen?

But ignore the silly boats – what a sky!

Finally, I made a slideshow of about 30 of her photographs. Sadly, I can’t find out how to display it in the blog so here is a link to it:

We hope you enjoy it…

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