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Having stayed at Labenne Ocean for 10 days, we finally managed to get out and have a look at Biarritz.
Much loved by the fashionable Victorians, Biarritz still maintains its up-market image with follies at every turn
Beach house.JPG (800x531 pixels)
and promenade opportunities
Garden Rock.JPG (531x800 pixels)
Some more colourful than otherwise as rock painting seems to be a local hobby
Coloured rocks.JPG (800x531 pixels)
In various forms to trap the unwary sunseeker
Give us a kiss then.JPG (800x531 pixels)
Or where the houses lack archtectural merit. It is sometimes hard to spot reality…!
Hint: All leftward facing elevations are blank walls!
House painting.jpg (800x457 pixels)
but, these days, it is more about surfing the Atlantic rollers.
Blue surf.jpg (800x618 pixels)
Judging by the unreasonable number of VW “surfer” vans, this is a prime location for the sport.
On the crest of the wave 1.jpg (800x472 pixels)
This guy knows he is good and that requires a certain degree of respect – doesn’t it?
For those with fast enough broadband, have a look at a GIF (in your internet browser) of one of his “runs” which didn’t end the way he wanted. Its here:
A day we really enjoyed with brilliant weather to bring a smile to Liz’s face. Actually, this photo is here because it is one of the very, very few she seems to like!
Sexy Lizzy.jpg (800x686 pixels)

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