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Journey from Llubjiana to Venice

We left Slovenia with some regrets. What a country…

The first thing that had impressed us was the welcome, not just from the people but, after Austria, the price of everything came down to a scale that felt much more comfortable. It is an inherently wealthy country but, as yet, doesn’t seem to see tourism as a milk cow. Here we could afford to go into a restaurant! Patrick even made a pilgramage to a major vintner and bout four bottles of wine of known provinence…

Even the climate seemed familiar. We didn’t have the best of weather but, in October it felt like an English Summer. The Julian Alps provide shelter from the cold Northerlies until you get down to the Adriatic Coast.

Farming here is all very much smaller scale with most fields un-bordered but used in 1 acre strips of differing crops. The villages are well kept, even smart around the capital but they retain the feel of communities rather than dormitories.

A walk in the mountains

A walk in the mountains

A village high street

A village high street

Ready for adoption?

Ready for adoption?

Hay drying

Hay drying

Strip farming in the valleys

Strip farming in the valleys

All this prompted Patrick into writing a little

Ode to Slovenia

Wooded peaks to verdant valleys green

Boundaried plains and craggy mountain streams

Winding roads and well tramped tracks

No farming sprawl nor cattle ranch

More garden field and backyard stacks

Yet set with wanton care for view

Great cubes of living cheek by jowl

And Alpine huts with wooded walls

Then onward to the city draws the eye

With generous width and ruler line

Great avenues in mild chaos lie

Cars, busses, trucks pedestrians and bikes

All rushing headlong from light to light

Until the ancient centre reached

Where elegant and gracious buildings hold

A permanent history for the soul to dream

Yet here as well the bustling crowd

Now on foot or cycles ride

All intent on missions yet unknown

Or sit to eat and drink at leisure

And watch the urgent world pass by

But leave this town with all its charms

Follow the river to the countryside

And there amongst the glacial vales

The road becomes a another track

And then a path between the scattered farms

Well kept houses, pastures tended too

Lead us on to quietened forest ways

Where only water runs at all

And peaceful trees keep time with age

Trieste – by mistake

Our journey was intended to be a quick run to Venice having decided that we really wanted to be there – now!

In reality, an attempt to take a break for something to eat and some dubious map reading forced us into Trieste. A lovely sunny Saturday and everyone was out and about. Not a good time for being lost in a 39ft rig!

But the views over the water at Trieste with more sailing boats than either of us had ever seen in one place before, even during Cowes Week, more than made up for the hour’s detour…

Yachting at Trieste

Yachting at Trieste

And so to Venice. Well, of course you can’t camp in the city but we found a very nice, if expensive, campsite at Fusina. There is a frequent ferry service from just by the campsite to the city.

A place to stay by the Lagoon

A place to stay by the Lagoon

The site was on the entrance canal to Mestre docks.

Where the ships pass by

Where the ships pass by

And the view from the van is of the city

Venice from the window

Venice from the window

Our intention was to use our folding boat to go to the city but, sadly, the outboard had ceased up after Wittering so we contented ourselves with a little rowing around dodging the ships before catching the ferry across the lagoon…

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