This is the story of Liz & Patrick taking to the road as a way of life. Mainly we are sun-seeking but also we are wanting to spend retirement having fun and seeing new places. There is also a strong element of being fed up with spending too much time and money on house maintenance. This is our equivalent of down-sizing.

We are now (2015) finishing our 7th year on the road.

There is a four year gap in the blog largely caused by messing with bricks and mortar (will we ever learn?). But we are back with the blog repaired and ready to take some posts.

In 2011 we bought a property in Tenerife to let out and to look after our house capital. That has proved to be a big mistake. Maybe I will do a post about it to warn others like us…

We have traveled each year for at least 6 months but last year we took on a part house in Northern Portugal and so have been involved in doing that up from September to the end of May 2015. Our plan is to travel in the Summer and hole up in Portugal for the late Autumn and early Spring. Perhaps hiding away for the depths of Winter somewhere warmer.

So, sadly, no longer full-timers but still keen to get around.

4 responses to “About

  1. Pat Hay

    Hello great blog, would like to follow your travels as thinking of going to Siciliy and Tunisia in the future

    Kind regards Pat

  2. tricia mcpartlin

    this whole thing is so interesting, why are some stories password protected and how can I gain access to them? thanks Tricia

  3. tricia mcpartlin

    sorry i wanted to know how to do this but forgot to click follow up by email so would have missed the reply. Tricia

  4. Hi Liz & Patrick,

    Can you let me have an email address?

    The very best to both of you.



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