Latest position & contacts


Camp site address: Guests in Bolton

Mobile phone is +44 (0)7941115660

Skype  Phillips.Ingleton.


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4 responses to “Latest position & contacts

  1. David Bingley

    Hi Patrick.
    Great slide show. You obviously know what your doing.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Liz and Patrick,

    Enjoying your blog via MHF. We’re in a similar position to yourselves and from not so far away – Ramsbottom in Lancs. Shared your “lightbulb” moment about the house!

    We’re a bit behind you, only been on the road since Sept last year, but great to know you’re still enjoying it. Maybe we’ll cross paths somewhere – we were at Avola in Sicily for Christmas.

    Catherine and Chris

  3. rob & gemma

    Hello Patrick & Liz,

    Thankyou for the response on motorhome facts today, we followed your link and have spent all night reading about your adventures. We do think the book would be a great idea and can’t wait to set off on our travel’s now. Where are you planning on next ? Best wishes Rob & Gemma.

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