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Country pursuits

The day started as the night had been – raining hard. But we had promised ourselves a trip to the local fete and to go and see the trotters (horses not pig’s feet) so we packed sandwiches and set off to the Fete de Terre at La Haye-Pesnel to find a substantial mud-bath.
This was France’s farming community out to play. They had brought tractors by the dozen; cows by the score and all sorts of other farming toys.
Animals are always first on the list. Ready with the Aaaahs…
DSC_0003.JPG (800x531 pixels)
These were a little overlooked in favour of 320Kg of
DSC_0010.JPG (800x531 pixels)
There were a goodly selection of bulls – each holding a cow by the nose!
DSC_0017.JPG (800x531 pixels)
But forget the livestock – they have drag tractors here, literally. First came the little ones pulling a sort of large sledge on mud.
DSC_0043_800x531.JPG (282x204 pixels)
Which sometimes ends in more smoke than mirrors
DSC_0038.JPG (800x531 pixels)
But this lady driver clearly has an explanation if you will just stop towing her away…
DSC_0040.JPG (800x531 pixels)
Then come the big boys. This time not pulling much weight, they said. The objective is to get the thing as far down the field as possible, we think…
DSC_0058.JPG (800x443 pixels)
Or maybe as fast as possible? This farmyard machine delivers 1500 horsepower in return for 20 litres of parafin every 100 yards…
DSC_0051.JPG (531x800 pixels)DSC_0053.JPG (800x531 pixels)

Whereas this beast has the benefit of adequate turbo boosters and not a lot of time spent polishing the body…
DSC_0055.JPG (531x800 pixels)DSC_0056.JPG (800x531 pixels)
But this all seems a trifle brutish and crude compared to the activities in the next village.
DSC_0065_800x531.JPG (800x531 pixels)
Though even here, enthusiasm was not lacking
DSC_0073_800x531.JPG (800x531 pixels)
This combination was clearly a much loved setup
DSC_0077_800x531.JPG (800x531 pixels)
So we are glad to report that hard-pressed French farmers are making good use of their subsidies!

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