Self Build – Spanish style

Self Build – Spanish style
Everybody knows that construction has been the backbone of the Spanish economy for quite a few years.
That is to be expected in a country that has a decent climate; is close to most of the centers of over-population in Europe and, above all, has plenty of land to build on.
It comes, then, something of a surprise when, high in the Extremadura Mountains on a lonely back road between Hervas and Candalario to come across this:
DSC_0071_3_panorama_1280x398.jpg (800x249 pixels)
There is some admonition in the Bible about building houses on rock rather than sand but this may be taking things a little far…
Now the gentleman who built this house is the owner of the motor museum in Hervas seen here kindly posing for our camera
DSC_0078_399x600.JPG (399x600 pixels)DSC_0078_238x600.JPG (238x600 pixels)
He is an engineer, he tells me. I am quite glad he isn’t an architect!
Notice the blue curvy bits? They are plastic water pipes painted apparently badly, but consistently with blue paint. Actually, I suspect that the effect is exactly what he intended.
DSC_0074_800x531.JPG (800x531 pixels)
You may be able to make out the lower rails of the balcony – twisted 1/2″ overflow pipe!
The walls are pantiles, as are the window and door frames and the chimney pot.
And then there is the gatehouse…
DSC_0076_800x531.JPG (800x531 pixels)
Lack of common language prevented me discovering if the RSJ that support the roof were bent in some extraordinary rolling machine or if he found them following some structural disaster and decided to shape the roof to match…
This guest annexe is around the corner but joined to the main house by the swinging walkway.
DSC_0079_800x531.JPG (800x531 pixels)
And the view South over Hervas…
DSC_0081_800x531.JPG (800x531 pixels)
And, as if all this were not strange enough, I have checked and double-checked the Lat-Long for this place and it is definitely 40.30157N 5.822406W but it just doesn’t show at all on Google Earth. Is this the worlds first “stealth” house?

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