Bugs in Bejar

Bugs in Bejar
Bejar is not the prettiest of places. It doesn’t evev have a decent supply of shops…
What it does have is bugs! Well, one particular bug but we have no idea what he/she is…
Bug 1_663x600.JPG (663x600 pixels)
Here he comes, flying in from 2 o’clock high but looking more like a lobster than the Bumble Bee that has smelt the honey first.
Bug 2_800x463.JPG (800x463 pixels)
Now you will remember the idea of in-flight refueling for aeroplanes. Of course they didn’t have the curling-up problem…
Bug 3_800x561.JPG (800x561 pixels)
Nevertheless, this guy has some aiming skills when you think that nothing short of a bullseye will get the nectar.
Bug 4_600x600.JPG (600x600 pixels)
Frankly, the back end is a disgrace to its Mother. She should have told him how to use a hairbrush.
Bug 5_551x600.JPG (551x600 pixels)
But you have to hand it to him/her for technique. No wasted effort landing on wobbly petals.
A quick slurp and on to the next bucket of honey…
But what is he/r? Please, someone, please.


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3 responses to “Bugs in Bejar

  1. Lindsay Robinson

    It’s a sphinx.

  2. Joe

    Its called a Humming Bird Moth, just saw one of these earlier today. We’re on holiday in italy and during dinner (outside) this thing just flew right by us to a flower bed, took some nectar and off it went. We were as baffled as you are but after a quick session of searching it turns out that this strange creature is in fact a Humming Bird Moth, hope this helps.


  3. Joe

    Macroglossum stellatarum is its Latin name

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