A Visit to the Market – Not for the Squeamish!

Sunday is market day at the small port in Catania. I hate to see my food looking anything like it did when it was alive but I also have to know what I am looking at and I just love the colours and images at a place like this, So I took the camera for a walk hoping that some of you more knowledgeable people can tell me what I saw. This fella in the Nike hat also had the same thoughts, I reckon.
Row 1.png (800x284 pixels)
I assume that A, B and G are all some sort of Squid but they all look different.
C & D are clearly flat fish but that is far as I can get though maybe D is Skate?
On the basis that anything that looks like a marine worm is an Eel, I am going to guess that covers E & F but I only recognise the jellied variety.
Is H an ugly fish? That has to be true…
Row 2.png (800x210 pixels)
I am fairly sure Liz had I for dinner last night. She said they were squid so maybe G is Octopus.
J look to me like those fish that leap out of the sea when you least expect them and K is much too pretty to be eaten! But maybe there are two different models in that box?
Row 3.png (800x214 pixels)
The Snr L was making a lot of mess with whatever M is. Cuttlefish? But why the enormous knife?
I am fairly confident that N is either a prawn or a large shrimp and I know that P is Anchovies. Is O Mackeral?
Row 4.png (800x200 pixels)
Q has to be an Octopus but R is something else again (see insert) but is very popular and expensive at €25/kilo but saying that it is “new born baby” neither encourages me to buy it nor tells me who or what the parents are..  No doubt about what S is but some doubt in my mind as to what one might do with the sword bit…
Row 5.png (800x190 pixels)
The box of fish in T are a complete mystery to me. They may be just assorted odds and fins. U is undoubtedly Oyster which, at €8 the kilo, must be a bargain. The mussels at €3/kilo look good and taste good in a risotto.
Row 6.png (800x205 pixels)
Common cockles or clams seem to be the same things. At €10/kilo suggests they may not be local. The pink ones marked X didn’t have a price and that, I suspect, is no mistake. Then we come to Y. This must be some sort of seaweed that requires a lemon. I always thought that Chinese Seaweed that you get from the take-away was really fried cabbage but now I am not so sure!
Row 7.png (800x208 pixels)
These two, Z & a, I know about. We eat a lot of Anchovies in the Z form but not sure we could cope with the salt they stuff into the barrels. Just how long does it take to stuff a full barrel so neatly?
Row 8.png (800x224 pixels)
We have seen the Urchins at “b” before but “c” and “d” are still confusing me. The latter feature strongly in every fish restaurant of note in the area.
Row 9.png (800x191 pixels)
These are just for local colour!
Row 10.png (800x175 pixels)
“e” is labeled Telline which my dictionary says is clams or Vongole but these look larger than W above. Could it be that Clams are large cockles?
At least the olives are obvious and the cauliflower, whilst painted purple must be just that.
Row 11.png (800x213 pixels)
Ignore the ubiquitous sword fish and the squash. What are the multi-coloured veg at “f” for heavens sake? Do you think you just boil them?
Ok. Enough of the market. Isn’t it interesting that it is at the local markets that you become painfully aware of the culinary isolation that even the sophisticates among us suffer?

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