Francesco Cafiso

Francesco Cafiso at the Teatro Massimo Bellini
I am not a great fan of modern jazz, preferring the traditional fare. But our Swedish neighbour suggested we joined a party to visit the Teatro Massimo Bellini on Monday night.
Now the theatre itself is a magnificent building that is well worth a visit just for its architecture:
Photo stolen from Cicciofarmaco on Flkr. Thanks
The inside is even more impressive.
Built with neither circle or upper circle, it has five levels of, in effect, boxes. They rise from the flat auditorium floor vertically to be topped by the upper gallery.
Photo stolen from Corinasicily on Flikr. Thanks.
View of stage from rear of auditorium
Photo stolen from Umbattista on Flikr. Thanks.
The rear of the auditorium
Photo stolen from Misscharo on Flikr. Thanks.
Part of the ceiling.
The concert we went to see featured Francesco Cafiso, a 22 year old saxophonist who started playing in concerts all over Europe at the age of 9. He is self taught although he has since been taught to Master standard to play the Flute. He won the World Saxophone Competition at the London Jazz Festival in 2004 when he was just 16. He was also a guest musician at President Obama’s inauguration.
Photo of Francesco Cafiso stolen from Thanks.
As if this were not enough talent, the lad also writes his own compositions, three of which we were to hear that night.
At one point he played a solo where he sounded to be playing a duet with one instrument responding to the other in a different voice and yet he was the only saxophonist on the stage and he had only one saxophone!
All of this in a setting with the most superb acoustics was a pleasure indeed.
After the concert we were treated to a short guided walk around the center of the city by Guiseppe and his wife followed by him cooking an impromptu supper back at the campsite – spaghetti al’ olio in huge quantities.
The cost of this evening? Just €13 a head and a round of drinks at the Irish Pub.

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