Home to Catania for Agatha

Our stop at Sabbadore, just North of Avola had some interesting aspects. The guide book warned that the last 500m of the approach was narrow and winding. That was an understatement! What they didn’t think to mention was that when you did arrive at the camp entrance, it is too narrow to turn in. In our attempt to do so, we concentrated so much on the front that we failed to see that the back was swinging round onto a wall and now we are missing some gelcoat. Grrr.
However, I just love to boast so I will add that when the owner’s son came out and suggested we back up to another gate back down the lane we did as instructed. He came running up to me and said “That is the best bit of driving I have seen here in 20 years!!!” It seems that he is a retired racing driver and everybody else who had been invited to back up with trailers had bounced off the walls. What he didn’t know, of course, was that we had done that before he came out!
The site was in process of major refurbishment so the facilities weren’t up to much. But the site is in a wonderful position.

Avola pitch

Avola pitch

Liz has already selected the pitch she wants for our next visit – and says that won’t be very far in the future…

Avola Beach

Avola Beach

Liz's ideal pitch for next time...

Liz's ideal pitch for next time...

We only stayed the one night at Sabbiadore as we had promised to return to Jonio, Catania on the Sunday.

Having left Avalo in sunshine, driven through a rainstorm around Siracusa, we were delighted to arrive at Catania in sunshine again. Even better, we found no-one parked at the sea edge and our ideal place awaited us not to mention the “old friends” welcome from both staff and several campers we had met before. It seems that the previous week, they had had some very strong winds from the East which had brought the breaking waves over the top of the sea wall – carrying large stones with them. Everyone had moved back from the sea wall that week and Gunther, who had been where we wanted to be said he wasn’t going to risk his precious Cathago van until the middle of February. Nice decision, Gunther!

Monday and Tuesday have been spent chatting, getting enough shopping in to last the Sant’ Agata festival period and preparing our strategy for the said festival. Apart from Gunther, there is a Dutch couple who were here for Christmas with us; another British couple we haven’t met before; a French Canadian couple who were next to us in Rome and June & Lars who were here at Christmas and also went to Scarebeo the day after we went there. There is another British couple here from somewhere in the North but we haven’t had time to say hello to them yet. The Canadian fellow & I had an hilarious shopping trip out to get stuff from the Media World here – his first time in a Smart car and his first introduction to Catanian driving. I think he had an early night…

It all felt a bit like coming home.

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  1. nick drake

    Yet another description of a day in the life of Patrick……it’s just wonderful……………….

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