Sunset over the Mar Menor

There are moments when something happens which are both memorable and bewildering!

On the last day before Jo left to return to Leeds, there was the most magnificent sunset. Liz grabbed my camera and shot some 115 photos in the space of about half an hour. It was surely a sight to remember.

I took the photos and tried to do a number of things with them.

The first was to make a conglomerate from four photos by stitching them together. Here is the result (I haven’t messed with the colours at all!):Panorama of the sunset towards the end.

That done, I wanted to show something of the way in which the sunset had developed. I took one photo from the beginning and another at the end and morphed the first into the second:A morphed GIF of a sunset over the Mar MenorNow here is the puzzle. If you watch, you will see that the larger of the two boats travels back towards the smaller as the sky gets darker and redder. Yet both were anchored and Liz didn’t move from a fairly small balcony on the seventh floor of the building. How could this happen?

But ignore the silly boats – what a sky!

Finally, I made a slideshow of about 30 of her photographs. Sadly, I can’t find out how to display it in the blog so here is a link to it:

We hope you enjoy it…

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One response to “Sunset over the Mar Menor

  1. Elaine Ramsden

    Great Sunset Hope you are both OK it’s bl—y freezing in Stainland but the sunsets have been great the last few evenings here too.

    Graham won 1st prize in a photo competition run by a Business Forum in Tod. Elaine is not impressed – we get the picture back as a canvas! We have a friend in Tod who is on dialysis hope she may find this useful for her next fund raising. We found 1 months free travel on Northern Rail a far more useful prize in August when he once again came 1st in a competition. Think the judges slipped up. Elaine thinks the picture should have had links to a railway station. “Rainbow over Warley” did not seem to fit the bill.

    If you get bored Graham is on –

    Lots of snow here. Graham has become quite good at producing seasonal door sprays out of natural materials. So we set off last week to collect holly etc., Not a lot of berries this time. Had seen a tree at Scammonden but the appropriately named “Sledge Gate” was in fact fine for sledging but not for ancient Nissan Micras. The production line did however get into full swing and the said sprays can be seen on various doors in Calderdale.

    We had a bit of supper with Denise on Sunday she is fairly comfortable in her new abode in Warley. It has not been good year for her. We agreed not to exchange Christmas Gifts. However just to round the year off we took her several bags of sh… with an offer to dig this in when the snow melts from her garden.

    In Tod we have a friend who is in a bad way with throat cancer. He has always been active in the community – Tod Show, Countryside issues etc., and although not religious he has helped pull round the Unitarian Church at Honey Hole. He as asked us to take him to two community events there. The first was organised by Pam Warhurst – Incredible Edible Todmorden. The good folk of Tod turned up with lots of wonderful produce they had grown. The church was decorated beautifully with natural materials. Outside the church local producers had stalls offering beer, food, bread. The event was filmed for channel 4 TV and bits have been shown on River Cottage Autumn (Hugh Fearnley Whittenstall played his part in the proceedings.

    Last week we went to a Carol Concert at the same venue. Having done voluntary work in the grounds of the church and thought it to be very dismal it was wonderful to once again see it look so lovely lit by candles and filled to capacity.

    Best Wishes
    Elaine & Graham

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