Troyes – Camping Municipales

A very mature wooded campsite at Pont St Marie about 2 miles from Troyes itself. The site is split into little hedged orchards so a good deal of privacy is achievable unless it is very busy. The book says the cost is 6 Euros but a motorhome with 2 people and electrics and taxes comes to 18 Euros in high season and 17 Euros in low. This year it will close on 15th October for the Winter.
The shower block is very good with plenty of hot water. At the mid September time when we visited, you became aware that the nights are very cold and the shower block is open and unheated. Have your shower in the warmer afternoons!
Fresh bread and croissants are available by adding you name and order to a list each day. A very helpful and friendly staff most of whom have some English. One has almost perfect English but he does come from Huddersfield…
The ground is all grass except for a small row of tarmaced standings. The grass can be dodgy with some mud patches. Mud mats would be very useful.
Most of the staff have a small amount of English except one is is near perfect – but then he does come from Huddersfield!

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One response to “Troyes – Camping Municipales

  1. Max

    Hello Patrick!

    Now did you mean to repeat the sentance about the staff speaking english, one is near pefect….

    Or not?

    (note: the age concern letter that arrived at dads house today has been forwarded accordingly haha)

    Hope you and liz are very well 🙂 and im very jealous of the buggy, also equally jealous of ‘Emily’ sounds like a rather fancy gadget!

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