Bois de Boulogne

As far as I know, this is the only campsite in Paris. Actually, it is just outside the boundary of most maps of Paris and is on the Allee au bord de l’eau. One problem we had with the position is that three out of three taxi drivers we used had no idea where it was and one refused to take us because he didn’t know where it was. Another agreed to take me to Port Maillott which is about three miles away but when I gave him my GPS for directions he was delighted and even adhered to the speed limits when “Emily” (our Garmin Nuvi 350) told him about them!!!
The site is well maintained with each pitch having ample hedged in space. For 30 Euros, we had a “Grand Comfort” pitch with electric, water and drainage. Each pitch is equipped with a cain and lock for additional security.
There is a small shop, restaurant and bar as well as showers, loo and external washing up sinks. Beware the plumbing – if you turn the tap to hot water and get cold, turn it to cold and you will get hot but neighbouring sinks are not the same way round!
A 15 minut walk along the Seine to Suresnes Bridge and cross over gets you to a small shopping centre with a rudimentary supermarket called Champion. Food in Sept 2008 was very expensive indeed. There are none of the big hypermarkets in Paris and most shops are independents. Even in the poorest suburbs you will not get the sort of prices that you might get in a Carrefour or Auchan.
The ground is mostly gravel and very hard to put up windbreaks but the hedges make this unnecessary.
There is a shuttle bus to Port Maillott every half hour where there is a Metro station. Fare 1.80 Euros single, 3.20 return. Seems to start in the afternoon and go through till nearly midnight. A taxi to the centre of Paris will cost about 25 Euros.
Can be noisy, mostly from helicopters, but not offensively so.

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  1. Eric Leech

    There are a number of campsites on the periphary of Paris. I stayed at Camping International a couple of years ago. Location was right on the banks of the Seinne, 15 minute leisurely walk to rail station takes you directly to central Paris. Pitch size was good for our then 7.5 metre Swift Kontiki (now have a 8.7 metre Autotrail Comanche). Down side, the wash block loked like something that was built during the 2nd WW and I was more concerned about catching something, it was not an inviting environment although the site itself was okay.

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