Leaving England at last


Whilst at Bexhill, we set up our Skype account (phillips.ingleton) complete with a Leeds telephone number (01138151518) so friends and family can call us without spending vast amounts of call charges. We also set up a Europe free call facility for £3.38 for 3 months. This allows us to call any landline in Europe for free! It works well but, because it is satellite based, you have to get used to the delays. You feel more like a radio call than a telephone call and we keep wanting to say “over” after each sentence. At this cost, we will cope!

    Ferry across the Channel

We duly arrived at Newhaven ferry terminal in plenty of time for the advertised 1400 hr sailing. Sadly there isn’t one. The next sailing was 2230 hrs. We paid our single fare of £130 and went off to explore. Late afternoon we came back to the terminal and were very happy to have somewhere to park up in the loading lines and get a few repairs done.

This included the towing electrics. The buggy lights worked fine except the right indicators. The tow board (brand new from Halfords) didn’t work at all. There was some light on the rear lights but only when the left indicator was used. Nothing at all otherwise. Still haven’t really bottomed this but fairly sure it is the tow bar electrics on the van. Guess there is a high-resistance joint which is causing the problem.

The trip to Dieppe was very sparsly attended. It appeared that the car decks were only half full and there seemed to be very few passengers. The ship is good and clean with plenty of facilities including 4 cinemas with reclining seats.

    What a welcome!

At Dieppe, we came off feeling rather tired so were just looking for somewher to park and sleep. I missed the first car park which was full of motorhomes and we decided to acrry on through the town at 0330 hrs in the morning. We spotted a little row of motorhomes parked up and decided to join them.

On waking in the morning, we became aware that we were almost on the beach. Across a grass field there were even more motorhomes parked up. Fine, we are obviously OK here – breakfast! Then coach loads of primary school kids started to arrive. Six or seven within half an hour. Where were they all going? The we saw it… Kites! Hundreds of kites.

Kites over Dieppe

Kites over Dieppe

More kites over Dieppe

More kites over Dieppe

It seems that there is a world kite flyers gathering every two years and this year it was Dieppe’s turn to play host. We had arrived on day two of a five day festival. Further, we were right on the edge of the festival site with a grand-stand view of it all.
Even this one got off the ground - mostly...

Even this one got off the ground - mostly...

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